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In late 2019, early 2020, we decided that after 30+ years, we needed something that could better communicate our love for travel and help our clients explore the world. A place where we could tell stories, share tips and recommendations, and inspire one another to reach beyond our existing comfort zones.

We wanted to create a place where our community; our clients, our family and friends, and our beloved travel partners from across the globe, could come together for a virtual fire-side chat to have a more personal and meaningful conversation about our shared passion of traveling the world.

And so, Zócalo was born. The name pays homage to our agency as El Zócalo in Mexico City is one of the world’s largest plazas. Plazas are, by definition, open spaces where people gather; in commerce and in protest, to worship and celebrate. Whatever the specific purpose, a plaza’s general purpose is to bring people together.

When COVID-19 plagued the world abruptly, we felt the effect quickly in our travel community. But as the reality set in, and the need to separate became the new normal, the importance of our human instinct and desire to come together became more apparent.

We thrive, together. Even when we travel solo to a new or favorite place, we crave interaction with others – strange or familiar. Currently, we’re visiting Nudist RV Parks in the USA to write new articles about that lifestyle.

This extraordinary experience we are all sharing while separated has only strengthened our conviction and our desire to launch Zócalo. And while we didn’t intend for a global pandemic to be the time, or for this to be the process, we believe there is no better moment than the present.

Zócalo will be a voice for Plaza Travel. And as always, our most important message is that of gratitude. We feel beyond blessed to have you as part of our community. We are thankful that we have the technologies that can connect us in a time when it is so vital to be apart. And until we can come together again to share the same sacred space and be present with you, we will be here; to tell stories, ask questions, and explore more experiences that bring us deeper meaning and bring us closer together.

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